Don’t tell me to CALM DOWN. A Sarcastic Reply.

Anxiety has always been a part of who I am. Although for the last eight years it has really creeped in hard. It’s so hard to explain to others what I am feeling and WHY I am feeling it. To be completely honest I actually get anxiety thinking about explaining it to people. So instead here are the four statements/questions I get most & what I’m usually thinking when I hear them.

“Don’t worry about it”. 
Ohhhhhhhhh really? Don’t worry about it?  If only I thought of that. I’m obviously worrying about it because I just FEEL like it. Thinking about things that may or may not happen is suuuuuuuuuper fun for me.

“Take a deep breath”.
This one is two-fold. Yes – deep breathing helps me but you telling me to just stop and take a deep breath isn’t really productive. I actually have to go to a dark, quiet and calming space before the deep breathing will actually work – so just don’t tell me how to breath k?

“Have you taken your meds?”
First of all – thanks for reminding me that I’m medicated as if I didn’t know. Second of all – yes I’ve taken them. Every morning for the last 8 years – thanks so much!

“Calm Down”

Wait, what? This is an option? If only I knew that 8 years ago…I would have never allowed myself to get worked up about anything in the first place.  Switch flipped, I’m okay now – absolutely nothing to worry about.