Ten “Quirks” I Carry Daily.

  1. If the laundry is done drying it NEEDS to be folded right then and there.
  2. My fridge has to be cleaned every Sunday… (at least).
  3. Hair before makeup. Always.
  4. Dishwasher unloaded as follows: (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    – cutlery
    -wine glasses / beer glasses
    – regular cups
    – coffee cups
    -sippy cups
  5. Before I leave for a trip, the house needs a deep clean.
  6. The dishwasher filter needs to be cleaned / rinsed before every use.
  7. A chapstick must be carried with me at all times – including a trip to the bathroom.
  8. There. Is . A. Bucket. Or. Basket. For. Anything. And. Everything.
  9. If I haven’t had at least 3 cups of coffee, I’m not a human being.
  10. The simplest decision (such as which drawer should the scissors go in) – takes at least a couple of hours.

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